• Bliss~Angel


    April 18, 2014 by Bliss~Angel

    Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Meep.

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: E: *Finishes and gets water*

    Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/ ..

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *notices it's 7* I gotta gooooooooooo

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Quickly gets dress, kisses Gabe on the cheek and sees Daniel waiting for her outside* D: *Waits for her* K: *Teleports there* Hi! Remember this isn't a date, it's an outing.

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: D: Yeah Yeah Yeah, Get in the car... K: Nice way of complimenting, idiot. D: -.- K: *Gets in, they magically get there*

    Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/ OOOH

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall FUCK. BATTERY DEATH.

    Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna Plug it in and use it .-.

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: D/K: *At the Bar/Club* D: They have friendly drinks for tee- (DUDE- Wait, I'…

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  • LittleIrish*

    Shoutout Moment

    April 17, 2014 by LittleIrish*
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  • LlamaSpearsTimberlake

    Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi-Next Day-

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: Okay class! I'm hoping you have your songs, written! Who's first?

    Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Me!

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: Jade who's your partner?

    Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Lucy, Arianna and Myself. x3


    Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Doneeee!

    Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: What do ya thinkkkkkk!?

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: It was beautiful :)

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: Who's next?

    Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Thanks :)

    Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: *Goes to seat*

    Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: ME



    Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: *Smiles*


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