Giane is a spinner fairy, famous for the skill and dexterity of their hands. In Sardinia they look for Giane at the caves to know their future. Her predictions are very acurated, as if they know the inside of the human being. You have to imagine them spinning the wheel, guessing the fate of each one of us wrapped in a tangle of possibilities that will mark our future.

"Descendants of the old genies of the itanlian forests. Fairies who lik'e to often seduce man, if they do something of their dislike, children, teenager, adult or old-person, the Giane would punish them, They are fortune teller Fairies, and so far they most likely hide in coves, telling the future of those who come to politely ask for it. In Sardinia, people fear the Gianes, every traveler to step into the island has to hear about the beautiful women that were Genies once, but today, are creatures shown in the shape of beautiful and seductive women, heartbroken badly by men, that Spinner with their wheel down the trees. No one really knows why these creatures why they show themselves as Nice and friendly to some people. And, they devour evily others. Gianes are capables of seducing humans by their singing. " ~ Fairies of the caverns.